Jazz Bass Practice Deck 4

Now that we’ve gone over basic right- & left-hand technique, as well as a Bb Major Scale, we can start playing actual basslines! For the fourth and final (for now) category, we’re focusing on bassline construction.

Jazz Bass Practice Deck 4

These four cards break down a basic, 4-bar progression in Bb Major (which you may recognize as “Autumn Leaves”). It stays in the same position as the Bb Major Scale – which we covered in the previous deck.

Jazz Bass Practice Deck 4

Bonus Tip

Notice that there are Roman Numerals listed on Card 4.1. This is a common way of describing chord progressions in jazz. In Bb, the ii (“two”) chord is Cmin7, the V (“five”) chord is F7, etc. Remember with the Bb Major Scale that C is the second scale degree, F is the fifth scale degree, etc. In jazz, ii-V progressions are incredibly common.

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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