Jazz Bass Practice Deck 3

Here’s a little secret about bassline construction: it’s mostly scales (with some chromaticism thrown in for good measure…) For this reason, the third category of the Jazz Bass Practice Deck series focuses on scales.

Jazz Bass Practice Deck 3

These four cards break down a 1-octave Bb Major scale. Spoiler alert: you’ll use this scale to construct simple basslines for “Autumn Leaves” in the next few decks. Bb Major is a good key to start with because 1) it’s super-common in jazz and 2) it lies in the 1st-3rd fret/position covered in Deck 2 (you may want to review Deck 1 while you’re at it…)

Jazz Bass Practice Deck 3 (PDF)

Bonus Tip

Don’t despair if you’re not used to practicing scales the way they’re written in this deck (repeating the octave at the top and root at the bottom). This is to get you used to putting the root on beat ‘1’ of each bar (a common tendency in basslines).

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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