Jazz Bass Practice Deck 1

For several years, I toyed with the idea of creating a “fitness deck for practicing jazz bass.” I took a long hiatus to make a career transition that’s finally paying off and I’m finally able to get back to making cards. Once I get settled into my new life, I’ll get back to filming episodes of the Pogcast – elaborating on the cards.

Jazz Bass Practice Deck 1

These four cards cover the basics of 2-finger pizzicato and are a good warm-up for players of all levels. I’ll be designing the cards for beginner players with some theory knowledge (particularly educators who want to walk basslines in ensembles). See below for photo and PDF versions of the cards. Feel free to ask any questions or post any comments!

Jazz Bass Practice Deck 1 (PDF)

Bonus Tip

Before you start practicing, tune your bass using a tuner or reference pitch (I’ll review tuning in a later card set and/or video).

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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