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Earlier this year, I found myself functionally homeless, hitting a major career wall, and planning to relocate across the country. Thanks to the support of some amazing friends, I’ve figured out a way to realize my professional vision and (maybe) stay in the area.

I’ve set up my Patreon page to be a combination of crowdfunding, subscription service, and online instruction. On the page, you can sign up for one of four levels of support:

  • Kilobyte ($12/month): weekly access to exclusive content
  • Megabyte ($33/month): weekly access + monthly 10-minute email consultation (answer to one question, may be used for Dear Nano posts)
  • Gigabyte ($45/month): weekly access + monthly 25-minute phone or Skype consultation
  • Terabyte ($78/month): weekly access + monthly 60-minute phone or Skype consultation

Your support will allow me to create the following content:

  • Byte-Sized Guides: concise overviews of practice methods, music theory, etc.
  • Dear Nano: answers to learner questions
  • Nano Jazz Videocast: interviews and performances with musicians of various backgrounds
  • Patreon Exclusives: exercises, practice resources, and other bonus materials (see Patreon page for links and passwords to posts)
  • Tune Analysis: breakdown of common jazz repertoire with practice exercises

My goal with Nanoversity of Jazz is to make musical learning accessible and welcoming to everyone – regardless of their age, level, or background. In the next few weeks, I’ll be producing my first episode of Nano Jazz featuring everyday jazz musicians like me. If I’m able to get the site and online teaching off the ground by late August, I’ll be able to stay in the area and travel to other cities for Nano Jazz episodes. Stay tuned!

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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