The “Female Prince” Gets Jazzy/ID-Savvy

designing-your-lifeOver the holidays, I read Designing Your Life and was inspired to develop a plan for a strange, exciting career to match my equally strange and exciting life – a combination of jazz, being a multi-instrumentalist, instructional design, and many of my other numerous hobbies…

In the book, the authors recommend drawing up three, 5-year career plans, each with a 6-word title. I settled on the aforementioned title. The first part is a reference to my friend, who asserted that my multi-instrumentalist ambitions were going to make me “the female Prince” (RIP). (Never mind that Prince was “the female Prince”…) The second part reflects my reluctantly identifying as an expert in jazz studies. The final part alludes to my interest in ID [instructional design] as a tool for being an excellent instructor. My ultimate goal is to find the best, fastest, and most enjoyable ways to learn and practice musical instruments.

Once I finish my bass e-book (and eventually e-course), I plan to move on to learning and developing practice guides for other instruments (drums, piano, guitar, etc.) This will make me a better musician, instructor, and ensemble coach. It’ll also allow me to incorporate my interests in language hacking, fitness instruction, and DIY pursuits such as crafting. Finally, it’ll force me to up my game in terms of simplicity and productivity.

As an added twist, this year I’m experimenting with two strategies: using a 13-month annual calendar (so all months are exactly 4 weeks) and The 12-Week Year (turning annual goals to quarterly ones, quarterly to monthly, monthly to weekly, etc.) As intense as this will be, it’ll hopefully allow me to achieve amazing things while still having time for blogging (ahem), comic-making, cross-stitching, hot yoga, VGF (vegan, gluten-free) eating, and my various, mildly ridiculous, stereotypical liberal-White-woman hobbies…

With all of this, I’m not going to have as much time for blogging, but hope that chronicling my professional (mis)adventures will make for more interesting content. I wish everyone a very Happy (and exciting) New Year!

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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    1. Awesome, glad to hear it! It’s been working with non-bassists that’s inspired me to go down this path. I’m really excited about learning a bunch of other instruments.

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