4 Weeks Into Wheat Elimination (Throwback/Halloween Edition)

4 Weeks Into Wheat Elimination.pngI may be a lot more mature (and, holy smokes, a lot paler!) than I was 10 years ago, but miraculously, I’m now at the exact same weight. 

The picture on the right was taken exactly 10 years ago – my finest (handmade) Halloween costume ever! The picture on the right was taken earlier today. After literally years of my hot yoga studio asking to take my picture to put on their “Wall of Fame,” I relented. I wanted to do a photographic comparison because I couldn’t believe I was truly the same weight (now, I’m just obsessing about my current skin tone…)

Because I couldn’t have done this without wheat elimination (and because today’s the 4-week mark), I thought I’d share yet another set in a continuing series of random observations:

  1. I may have been a lot cooler 10 years ago, but I’m a lot more disciplined now. Back then, I spent a lot of time being cool – whether it was putting together an ensemble like that, working out all the time (I hadn’t figured out the wheat-elimination-hack at that point), or just be a rock-star. Looking back, I realize I was rebelling against an undergrad program that was pressuring me to lock myself into a practice room like a monk. This rebellion was reflected in several “dumpster-fire-level-bad” school performances that I gave during that year. 10 years and 1 PhD later, I’ve figured out that the key is to make time for my passions – bass, yoga, crafts, etc. – but also be efficient and constantly striving to improve in each area. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much time for Halloween costumes, which brings me to my next point…
  2.  Eating healthy makes you a Halloween buzzkill. Admittedly, my childhood obsession with Halloween had started to wane in grad school (it became impossible to ignore how racist, sexist, and generally messed up it was). Now that I’m eating a ridiculously healthy diet, I’m firmly in the “Sugar, Dairy, and Wheat are Evil” camp because I’ve realized how addictive and toxic they all are. Give it another year and I’ll be donning a gender-neutral costume and handing out organic, non-GMO apples to highly disgusted children…
  3. I need to find other metrics for “better” than weight-loss. As ecstatic as I am to be at my current weight, I know it’s going to level-off pretty soon. I can’t restrict my diet anymore and have it be sustainable (in my experience, “maintenance diets” don’t work because your “weight-loss” diet is what got you to and is going to keep you at your current weight). Instead, I’m going to shift my focus to getting better at yoga (focusing more, going deeper into poses, gaining more endurance, etc.) and mindful eating (chewing slowly, staying in the moment, recognizing when I’m full, etc.) Hopefully, this will help me feel like I’m still making progress once the scale stops showing lower numbers.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

– Dr. Buzzkill, Ph.D.

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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