Dietary (Re)Overhaul: Plant-Based Edition

My continued quest for the easiest, healthiest, most eco-friendly way to eat… 

Six months ago, I lost a ton Diet Overhaulof weight by cutting out carbs – so much that I had to back off a bit because I was losing it too fast. For a few months, I adhered to my diet, but several factors made me start slipping off the wagon (although I was still eating much better than before the diet). First, I moved into a shared living situation, where I’ve been tempted by a lot of forbidden items. Second, I’ve started working more, making my schedule more unpredictable and me more likely to cheat. Finally, because I was eating basically the same meals day after day, I started to get really tired of them…

I decided that since I was already going to need to overhaul my diet, I might as well try to add in another criteria: it must be almost all “plant-based.” This buzzword has been replacing “vegan,” and I can see why – it places the focus on eating more plants and less on completely restricting animal products. I’ve never been able to stay vegan for more than a week or two (most long-term vegetarians will tell you the same story). I wanted to try going “plant-based” for various reasons: better health, adding to the “drops in the bucket list,” and to possibly confirm my suspicion that I have a mild dairy intolerance. (Plus, believe it or not, I kinda got burned out on cheese because I ate so much of it during my initial diet…)

I need something simple and easy, but with enough built-in variety that I won’t get burned out. I also need my meals to be transportable, because I’ll inevitably need to eat on-the-go a bunch. So here’s the plan (since I know that posting my plans helped hold me accountable the first time around), with the idea that I modify individual ingredients every week:

Breakfast: Vega shake (aka, “if you’re serious about this plant-based thing, be prepared to shell out $30-$40 bucks a pop…”), multivitamin, oatmeal or other grain, nuts or seeds, seasonal fruit, splash of agave syrup.

Lunch: Sandwich on Dave’s Killer Bread, nut butter, seasonal fruit, splash of agave, 2 seasonal veggies, cranberry juice concentrate, flax oil

Workout Snack: Nuun tablet, as-yet-to-be-determined power bar

Dinner: One Bowl Skillet Meal” with beans or rice, 2 seasonal veggie, avocado, good carbs, olive oil, additional “fixin’s” as needed

Weekly TreatsRed wine, as-yet-to-be-determined vegan ice cream

I’ll post more about my (mis-)adventures with this new eating plan.

Have you jumped on the “plant-based” bandwagon? If so, what’s worked for you?

Author: Leah Pogwizd

Bassist and Instructor

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